All-American Rejects Swim With Dolphins

Anonymous asked:
Since I think you've stopped your separate alphabets for the band members maybe you should do one for the full and and possibly include Toad, Matt and Scotty too for somethings?

The main reason why I stopped was mainly because I couldn’t think of anything for all of the letters, but maybe since it’s all of them, I may do that version.. Depends.

Anonymous asked:
can u make a gif for beekeeper's Daughter!!!!!

Anonymous asked:
imagine if it was tyson, he is after all the main supporter of tyson/katy

3-4/?? Gifs of The Rejects

I can’t believe the anon sent me videos of Katy Perry and Tyson, that looks as though they could be interacting. ahdfghdwfg I don’t want to make them a crackship!

theradioactiveangel-deactivated asked:
I just went to an AAR show and I was wondering if maybe you could make a gif of me and my friend meeting them?! I'd love to gift it to her sence she is the one who took me!

Of course I will, just send me the link to the video!